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With over ten million downloads and climbing, War Wings is quickly becoming the most popular airplane combat game on iOS and Android. With incredible attention to detail to World War II aircraft and realistic physics and controls, players feel as though they are flying in the cockpit of a pilot during the conflict. War Wings is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, making it an accessible and challenging game that will appeal to all players across the industry. Fans of history, airplanes, and competitive games won’t want to miss out on this title, and there is never a better time than now to play. Quick Navigation What Is War Wings?War Wings Takes Place During World War II, is There Any Nazi Symbolism in this Game?Is There Any Form Of Advertising or Micro-transactions in War Wings?Should I Get A Premium Account?How To Play War WingsControlsMovementCombatBombingGame Modes Of War WingsTeam DeathmatchFree For AllEliminationBase DefenseStrategies & TipsKnow What Each Stats Do For Your AircraftFocus On MovementStay With Your TeamWatch Your SuppliesKnow Where You’re Shooting And Where You’re Taking DamageLog In At Least Once A DayOverall Rating What Is War Wings? War Wings is a mobile game focusing on intense airplane combat. Taking place during World War II, players can choose between American, Japanese, Soviet, German and British airplanes to complete missions and win battles. The rewards after each battle are research points to power up their airplanes to the next level, and silver to buy different ammunition types, parts to boost the airplanes, supplies for help in combat, bombs, and aesthetics for the planes. Multi-player is the focus of the game. Here, players team up and fight against other players to compete for top rankings within the game. War Wings Takes Place During World War II, is There Any Nazi Symbolism In This Game? Despite allowing players to choose German aircraft, War Wings contains no Nazi symbolism. The symbol used for German aircraft in this game is the Iron Cross, which is also the symbol for the modern German armed forces. In addition, pilots in the game have voice lines, and none of them praise or condemn ideologies or nations. Instead, they focus on the current combat situation.Is There Any Form Of Advertising Or Micro-transactions In War Wings? War Wings has no advertising, and micro-transactions are optional in the game. Most of the micro-transactions are for in-game currency to purchase in-game bonuses, and a premium account, which offers more bonuses in and out of battles. Premium accounts are temporary, and you must renew them.Should I Get A Premium Account? A premium account’s bonuses are faster re-spawn time in battles, double research points and silver per battle, a unique medal and aircraft trail, and an exclusive color for the player’s account name and account. If a player wants to be competitive, we recommend a premium account, as the bonuses will help the player climb up the ranks faster. Otherwise, a standard account for basic play will suffice for enjoying the game, but this game follows the pay to win model, so the enjoyment might not be there after losing enough times to players who paid to win. How To Play War Wings Image Via:play.google.comControls War Wings has a virtual control stick to change direction on the bottom left corner of the screen. Above the virtual control stick is an auto track button, which tracks the button The bottom right corner of the screen has “boost” and “brake” buttons and the “fire guns” button. The reload button is above the fire button on the screen. Swiping the screen left or right will make the aircraft perform an aileron roll, and players use this to dodge enemy fire. Swiping the screen up during combat will make the aircraft do an Immelman turn, which is a fast vertical U-turn.Movement At the start of every battle, the airplane will move forward automatically. The brake button slows down the airplane making it easier to turn, but if held down for too long, the engine will stall. If stalled long enough, the engine will fail, and the airplane will crash, resulting in a death. During a stall, the boost button serves as a gas pedal to get the airplane moving forward again. The boost increases the speed of the airplane but makes it harder to turn. Holding down the boost for too long will cause it to overheat, making it unusable until it has cooled down.Combat Pressing the fire button outside the range of an enemy will cause missed shots. The closer an airplane flies to an enemy, the more accurate shots will be. Shooting an enemy plane enough times will kill them. The same is true for the player, so knowing the position of one’s aircraft and the enemy’s is vital before attacking. After killing an enemy or being killed, a set amount of time will pass before re-spawning. Firing guns continuously will cause them to overheat, and they must cool down before being able to fire again. Guns have ammunition and reload after they deplete ammo. The reload button can do so manually.Bombing Bombing happens in base defense mode where large targets, usually ships, appear. Standard gunfire is not enough to destroy these targets, so players must use bombs to destroy them. To bomb, a player must select the bomb button below the reload button. This changes the camera angle from behind the airplane to the below and front, showing a white targeting circle. As the player dives, the circle will turn green and become more accurate. Pressing the bomb button again will drop the bomb where the targeting circle specified. Pulling up after dropping a bomb will prevent player death by crashing. Game Modes Of War Wings Team Deathmatch Team Deathmatch is the common game mode in War Wings. Eight players compete in four versus four matches with ten tickets. Players use tickets when players re-spawn. The goal is to kill the enemy players more times than they kill the player’s team until … Continue reading War Wings: Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating

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