War Wings: Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating

Know What Each Stats Do For Your Aircraft

There are five “stats” in the game to show the potential of the airplane being used. Speed is how fast your airplane can fly. Maneuverability is how fast your airplane can turn. Firepower is how powerful your airplane’s guns are. Survivability is how much damage your airplane can take before it’s destroyed, and ground attack is how powerful your bombs are. It is possible to upgrade these stats and to understand them will give you a better idea of how your airplane will perform in combat.

Focus On Movement

The movement of the aircraft is more important than how powerful its guns are or how strong its armor is. If your airplane can’t move out of enemy fire or move towards a safer position quickly, then it’s only a matter of time until you’re gunned down. Having good movement will also ensure that you’ll be able to chase an enemy until you can kill them. Speed and Maneuverability should be a priority over the other stats to achieve this effect.

Stay With Your Team

Team Deathmatch is the mode most players are in, which means teamwork is key to winning. Diving into the enemy forces might feel great and a bold move, but without your team being able to cover you, you could get gunned down. Your team has the same goal as you: to win, and that can only happen if you’re watching each other’s backs and paying attention to what’s happening to them. Protect and stay with your team, and the enemy will find it more difficult to defeat you.

Watch Your Supplies


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You use supplies to repair a part of an aircraft during battle or add more firepower to your airplane. Before entering a major battle, such as a ranked match, be sure to pick supplies that will compensate for your aircraft’s weaknesses, and help you survive extra damage effects. Supplies brought into battle don’t get replenished at the end, even if you haven’t used them, so it’s best to pick ones you can afford to spare.


Know Where You’re Shooting And Where You’re Taking Damage

There are five places on all aircraft that can be shot enough times to cause extra damage effects. These are the left and right wings, the front, and rear fuselages, and the pilot. When the left and right wings receive enough damage, they will impair the control of the airplane. The front and rear fuselage of the aircraft cause the airplane to ignite, when damaged, causing damage over time until the airplane loses its health and gets destroyed. If a pilot takes damage, they will bleed, and the pilot will die, and the airplane will crash faster than if it gets ignited.

Therefore, shooting at these targets on the enemy aircraft is a priority. The wings are the largest targets, and the pilot is the smallest. With enough practice, you can eliminate an enemy quickly. If these extra damage effects happen to you, you can stop them by using certain supplies. A repair kit will restore the wings, a fire extinguisher will get rid of the burning effect, and a first aid kit will stop your pilot from bleeding out. After being used, you can’t use these supplies again for another 40 seconds. The enemy has access to these supplies too, so pay attention to the situation.

Log In At Least Once A Day

War Wings offers missions that grant significant bonuses every day. The rewards can include supplies, significant amounts of in-game currency, and new airplanes. Taking advantage of these free missions will help you, especially if you’re not paying for a premium account.

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