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Do you happen to remember when released World of Tanks Generals into its arsenal of competitive online card games in 2015? Well, considerably so, the game itself and its other versions like World of Tanks Blitz are still moderately popular. These games are still frequently updated to offer different mods, bug fixes and new content from their ruthless developers. Considering that this is basically just a more complex version of Battleship, it’s easy to see how one can become enthralled with endlessly blowing away their opponents. But regardless of its complexity, the game proves to be enjoyable for just about anyone that can tolerate its total disregard for historical content. Well, anything that is unrelated to weapons, regional military, or tanks themselves.There are some very carefully balanced elements in this game to perpetuate the progressive challenges that await players all over the world. With endless challenges come endless possibilities, this means things getting increasingly difficult for you as you rise through various tiers of the game. But we can easily understand that these challenges can sometimes be just a tad too challenging. As a result of frustration and desperation, we then rush to click through an endless amount of pages of forums and FAQs on the internet for support. But it seems we have managed to gather enough to have you look no further than this article. After some diligent research, we have compiled some general tips, tricks, and information on World of Tanks Generals, for the next time (or first time) you gear up for battle. Quick Navigation Welcome to World of Tanks GeneralsWho Plays?Tips & TricksTanksMilitaryOther Things You Should Probably Know Want To Know More About and Other Games?Conclusion Welcome To World Of Tanks Generals Put your best tank tactics to the ultimate epic test of all-out war against friends, in this strategy based card game application. World of Tanks Generals actively challenges your ability to utilize your deck accompanied by battle techniques and battle against other players in this traditional look at the art of war. But realistically, this isn’t a game you would play to kill a couple of minutes; all rounds take approximately 15-30 minutes. Each player is given an equal amount of time to execute their strategies to take down their opponent. Cards vary based on the chosen military factions’ tanks, squads, and orders. Those all vary in different qualities and tiers. Gameplay takes place on a 3×5 game board where you and an opponent actively assemble your chosen epic tanks on the grid spaces around your headquarters card. Once the game begins, players may move their tanks to any of the unoccupied spaces during their turn. Each card is unique and bears its own qualities that vary in strengths/weaknesses. Every card played during your turn costs fuel, some tanks can collect additional fuel during the game, but regardless of which it is you use fuel to position them. Mods are also available via a special Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox extension for even more destruction. Who Plays?World of Tanks Generals is a fun, yet intricate team-based massively multi-player game for casual gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike. The game incorporates an array of game mechanics, and player-made content to help you produce the war you have always imagined. Game modes that are currently available consist of single-player, player vs. bot, and player vs player. Worldwide online matchmaking allows you to battle literally anyone who will take you on, add them to your team, or just savagely destroy theirs. The more intricate details and tools in the game for editing and gameplay, which generally only attracts a specific crowd of gamers. But for those who enjoy online card games or games that involve assembling your team/battlefield, collecting cards for the ultimate deck, and strategizing successful battle techniques, will find World of Tanks Generals to be relatively refreshing for not just this corner of the gaming community.This card game has something to offer just about every type of gamer, so you don’t have to be an enthusiast to have fun playing it. Although this game is fairly straightforward, if you don’t have a lot of experience in games such as this one, we recommend taking advantage of their training modes to better understand how things work before you are out on the front lines. Much like a game of chess, you need to carefully plan how every card, tank, or an opposing attack could potentially affect the outcome of your epic battles. Spend some relatively serious time researching your cards and their respective military to find what will work best to ensure your win and your enemy’s sad defeat. In this case, practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes adequately measured tactics for the desired outcome. Ultimately how you play is entirely up to you and these are merely suggestions for potentially finding success on the battlefield. Tips & TricksSome things to remember about this game is that nothing is ever actually left up to chance. Your success in this game is highly contingent on your strategies and card choices. The benefits of your tanks also include weaknesses and fuel is to be used sparingly. Cards are evenly matches as not to have sole superiority over another. However, being evenly matched is the perfect challenged in a game with no ability to DRAW with your opponent. With those tips in mind, try mixing top tier and basic cards to keep up a variety of qualities. This will prepare you for a wider range of cards your opponent is playing. Plan every placement and its results before they happen to remain vigilant. Compare benefits and weaknesses for each card to find your ultimate deck. Remember, though, that decks can ONLY be a maximum of 40 cards. Make sure to always consider the faction of cards you choose when planning techniques and strategies; each faction offers its own qualities for each card. Tanks Light Tanks have low strength/damage, but can perform 2 moves per turn/move diagonally Medium Tanks have an average strength/damage, … Continue reading World Of Tanks Generals: Tricks, Tips, And Overall Rating

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